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Featuring Twin Fiddles, Banjo, Guitar & Bass.


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GO! Section rates The Corndrinkers "Still" top local CD of 2010

"For the Past 35 years, this acoustic outfit has been reviving long-forgotten old-time country songs. This album, the group's second, is populated with obscure songs from the 1920s through the 1950s. However, there are two originals, "Mona in the Garden" and "Snowy Evening Waltz", written by band member Barbara Kuhns.". . . Don Thrasher

Fiddler Magazine - Summer 2010

"This band can sing and does sing, brining life to each song with strong lead and harmony cocals. In a time when many bands eschew the radio era, the Corndrinkers embarce a music that still lingered on the AM stations in their youth. They update the music just be being honest in their respectful delivery of each piece. This project is a sonic treat rich in emotions and musical beauty.". . . Bob Buckingham 

Inside Cityfolk

". . . the Corndrinkers are more than ever the masters of their domain" . . .   read more

County Sales

"A very enjoyable, nicely produced and packaged recording." . . . read more


                                 The Corndrinkers, Linda Scutt            The Corndrinkers, Barb Kuhns            The Corndrinkers, Tom Duffee
                                                Linda Scutt                                               Barb Kuhns                                            Tom Duffee

                                 The Corndrinkers, Doug Smith            The Corndrinkers, Ceal Turnbull            The Corndrinkers, Al Turnbull
                                                Doug Smith                                           Ceal Turnbull                                          Al Turnbull


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